Some people are intimidated at the thought of getting new glasses. For the most part, their current ones are like old family friends—they’re comfortable, familiar, and they really hate to part with them. Plus, where should you go? What should you get? What style best fits your look and lifestyle?

Daunting or not, getting new glasses can often be a necessity. Prescriptions change, frames wear, lenses scratch, and—let’s face it—what seemed so stylish a year or two ago could very well be on the outs this season.

Here are 10 things to consider when getting new glasses:

  1. Find an optometrist you trust. He or she will examine your eyes, write your prescription, and make recommendations based on your vision needs as well as lifestyle and fashion choices.
  2. Tell your optometrist the purpose for your new glasses. Are they replacing old ones? Do you want them for reading only? Driving? Or are these glasses work-related . . . or more of a fashion statement?
  3. Do you have any eye issues/conditions or diseases the optometrist should be aware of? Depending on existing conditions, your optometrist may recommend certain lenses or frames.
  4. Ask questions. If you’ve heard about a style or lens type that you’re curious about, or if there’s something you’re not sure about, just ask. Your optometrist or optician is likely well-informed about the latest technologies, styles, and options and can guide you accordingly.
  5. Is there a certain style you’re interested in? Is there a certain type of frame or lens shape you like or don’t like? Take a screen shot and share it with your optometrist. The more information you can provide him or her, the more likely you are to get the glasses and frames you want.
  6. Do you need/want sunglasses? If so, what’s the best solution for you—a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, clip-ons, or transition lenses?
  7. Talk to your optician about lens options such as reflective coatings, hard coatings, clean coat, tints, filters, and other enhancements—and what that all means in terms of your choices.
  8. If you’re an athlete or generally active, make sure you communicate this to your eye careprofessional. This may influence their recommendations on lenses and frames.
  9. Understand your insurance coverage. Many vision insurance plans cover frames and lenses in different ways. Understanding what’s covered and what isn’t will go a long way to ensuring you get the glasses you want at the price you want.
  10. If it doesn’t feel right, or you can’t see well, speak up. The accuracy of your prescription is critical to how well your glasses will help you see. The fit of the frames on your face is important too. If your glasses don’t fit well or you feel as thought your vision is not quite as good as it could be with the new lenses, be sure to speak up. The fit of your glasses can likely be adjusted in a matter of seconds.


Sunglass & Optical Can Help

The eye care professionals at Sunglass and Optical Warehouse will work with you to  . . .

  • Select the appropriate right lenses, frames, and designs for your lifestyle, industry, or activity.
  • Ensure that the eyewear you’re buying goes through rigorous testing to ensure ruggedness, durability, and suitability to your lifestyle.
  • Properly fit the eyewear so that it’s comfortable and desirable to wear.
  • Ensure the glasses not only fit your face and your lifestyle, but they look good on you too!

With more than 60 brands and more than 7,000 frames available, Sunglass and Optical Warehouse is San Diego’s premier provider of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, including performance eyewear brands and safety glasses for work, tactical, and sports applications from Rudy Project, Smith, Wiley X, Spy, Electric, and many others.

We’re also proud of the skilled team of optometrists and other eye care professionals who help us prescribe, dispense, fit, and repair prescription eyeglasses, contacts, and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses that not only look good but keep you seeing well.

While walk-ins are often available, emailing or calling ahead for an appointment is highly recommended.

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