Transition lenses—eyewear that darkens when exposed to daylight and lightens when indoors—are in BIG TIME, especially with millennials. “Why is that?” you ask. Chances are it’s because Transition Lenses represent the trifecta of convenience, value, and cool technology—all the sorts of things that appeal to the sensibilities to today’s 20-somethings.


Until just a few years ago, even suggesting that Millennials would have an affinity for transition lenses would have been scoffed at. Transition lenses were something your Mom and Dad (or grandparents) sported, or that “so uncool” guy down the street in his above-the-belly-button-shorts and black socks wore. Well, that’s all gone by the wayside. Styles, fashions, and what’s-in can change in the blink of an eye.

Transitional glasses are like getting two pairs of glasses in one. As such, they’re convenient, and they also represent value. You don’t need two pairs of prescription glasses. One will do.

They’re also pretty cool. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tints—the lenses are thinner, stylish, and great looking . . . and they transform like magic from indoors to outdoors and back again.


But transition lenses aren’t just for Millennials. Without even knowing it, many 40-, 50- and even 60- somethings have been fashionable all along. (Yeah, we knew that . . . )

Here are my favorite 10 things I like about my transition lenses:

  1. They truly are Whether it’s sunny or overcast and stormy, one pair of glasses does me for the whole day. I don’t have to plan ahead or figure how I’m going to carry my set of shades because my eyeglasses and sunglasses are one and the same.
  2. You can’t beat the With my transition lenses, I only need one pair of prescription glasses, not a pair of clear lenses and a pair of sunglasses. Now, I wasn’t that great at math in high school, but I can still figure that one of something is much less costly than two of something.
  3. I’d always heard from the older crowd—aka my Dad and Grandfather—that their transition lenses just took too long to acclimate to indoors, leaving them walking in the dark, quite literally, when they came in from the bright outdoors. But today’s transition lenses are In a matter of seconds, they adjust to either bright or dim conditions.
  4. They’re quite When I got my transition lenses, Iliterally had dozens of options—if not hundreds—to choose from, between lenses, frames, tints, and more. Transition lenses are no longer limited to just a handful of choices. If you’re searching for a particular look or style, chances are you’ll find it . . . and then some.
  5. I’m never without my sunglasses. Since I need my prescription lenses to see, and because my prescription lenses and sunglasses are the same pair of glasses, I am never without PROTECTION for my eyes. My transition lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB light, and I can always count on that because I won’t ever forget to bring them.
  6. I NEVER MISPLACE my sunglasses because they’re always on my face! This simple fact can’t be overstated. In the past, how much time did I waste wondering, “Now, where did I put my sunglasses?” and then how much time did I waste looking for them?
  7. My transition lenses can help me SLEEP BETTER. Yes, you heard that right. Transition lenses can limit exposure to blue light which has been linked to harmful effects on our eyes and our sleep cycles from the blue light emitted by computer displays, smartphones, and tablets.
  8. Transition lenses help REDUCE EYE STRAIN. I find that when it’s time to go to bed and put my glasses on the nightstand, my eyes tend to feel better these days, less fatigued—and I suppose that’s not wonder since I’m never without my sunglasses when I need them, and my transition lenses are blocking out harmful effects from computer screens.
  9. I find that sometimes I don’t need the full shading effect of sunglasses, especially on partially overcast days, and my transition lenses are “smart” enough not to overdo it. They adjust to just the RIGHT SHADE to block the sun and glare, but not too much so I can see clearly.
  10. My transition lenses truly SIMPLIFY the whole notion of wearing glasses. One pair to wear, one pair to keep track of. And when I go to my optometrist, I’m getting one prescription. Many of my friends and family have prescription glasses, but then revert to non-prescription sunglasses or, worse yet, to oversized goggle-like shades that go over their prescription lenses (which is so uncool and so inconvenient).

So there you have it, transition lenses—the fashionable and a functional choice for millennials. Who would have “thunk” it. But just because you’re not a millennial, don’t miss out. Transition lenses benefit everyone.

Look and See Your Best

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