August is National Eye Exam Month: Is it Time for a Check Up?

August is National Eye Exam Month: Is it Time for a Check Up?

August is National Eye Exam month. When is the last time you, or your loved ones, had an eye exam?

The American Optometric Association recommends that both adults and children get eye exams on a regular schedule to help identify eye health issues in their early stages. Often, the earlier an eye health issue is identified, the more successfully it can be treated.

Guidelines for Children

  • Children, from birth to two years, should get an exam at six or 12 months of age.
  • Children, from three to five years, should get at least one exam between three and five years of age, unless the child is experiencing problems with his or her vision.
  • Once a child hits six years of age, he or she should get an exam before first grade and then every year thereafter, through age 17 (unless, of course, he or she has symptoms of eye disease).

Of course, if a child has certain risk factors, such as low birth weight, family history, or learning problems, he or she should get more frequent examinations.

With National Eye Exam month in August, many parents use this as an easy back-to-school reminder to schedule a visit for their child with an eyecare professional. It’s a great way to ensure your child’s vision is in tip-top shape so he or she can read the board, computer screens, and participate fully in the classroom.

Guidelines for Adults

  • Young adults, 18 through 39, should get an exam at least every two years (or annually if risk factors are present).
  • For 40 to 64 year olds, they, too should get exams every two years (or annually if there are risk factors).
  • For those over 65, annual eye exams are recommended.

As is the case with children, adults with risk factors such as family history, occupational hazards, and other systemic health conditions should get seen more frequently.

Get Regular Eye Screenings

If you can’t remember the date of your last eye exam, that’s probably a good indication that it’s been a while. Check with your optometrist or other eye care professional to see when you are due for a comprehensive exam. Getting a baseline exam can help detect early signs of disease or damage to your eyes. Eye exams usually take only about 20-30 minutes to complete.

If you already wear glasses, it’s especially important that you get regular exams. Our eyes change over time. Prescriptions often need to be adjusted to reduce eyestrain and make your vision clearer.

And of course, if you are experiencing symptoms, make an appointment as soon as possible.

The Vision Council of America estimates that more than 12 million Americans need some sort of vision correction but go untreated, and that nearly 50% of parents with children under 12 have never taken their children to an eyecare professional. Make this the year you change your eye care routines by seeing your way clear to an eye exam!

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