On average, San Diegans can expect 146 sunny days and 117 partly sunny days. That’s a lot of sun—around 70% of the year in San Diego is bathed in sunlight. For those who live in the area, sunscreen, sun-friendly-clothing, and eyewear that protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays are critical.

And while a trip to the Midway Museum won’t necessitate wearing your shades 24×7, you’ll still want to look good getting there and touring this must-see attraction, which has been part of the San Diego landscape since 2004, with annual visitation of more than 1 million visitors (making it the most popular naval warship museum in the United States).

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All Aboard

The USS Midway museum is a maritime museum located on the Navy Pier in downtown San Diego. The museum consists of the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway, which features more than 30 restored aircraft and some 10 acres of exhibits and displays. Visitors can tour the Midway bridge, the main engine room, the hangar deck, and much more. The Midway served from 1942 until 1992, making it the longest serving US warship in the 20th century.

Restored, Vintage Aircraft

The Midway features an assortment of restored, vintage aircraft, ranging from  jets to helicopters—many of which flew in World War II, Operation Desert Storm, and the Korean War. Visitors can climb into the cockpits of many of these aircraft and sit behind the controls. Self-guided audio tours and comments from the volunteer docents give you insight into the lives of the many sailors and pilots who lived and worked on the flight deck.

Holographic Theater

The USS Midway Museum’s Battle of Midway Theater features “The Battle of Midway” a 15-minute holographic experience of what it was like to participate in what many consider the most significant battle ever fought in the history of the world.  Throughout, life-sized holograms emerge from the screen to tell their parts of the story.

Flight Deck and Other Exhibits

Tour the flight deck where you can walk up and touch the fighters, bombers, and helicopters that once took off from and landed on the Midway’s compact airport. This exhibit also feature’s tours of the ship’s Desert Storm high-tech command center and its global radio communications complex

Below Decks

Explore how the 225,000 sailors who lived and worked on Midway went about their daily lives. Visit the sleeping quarters, meal preparation area (where 14,000 meals were prepared each day), the hospital ward, and the ship’s massive engine room.

The Right Shades for You

Whether your day is spent on the sunny decks of the Midway Museum or in nearby attractions, you’ll want a pair of quality sunglasses to protect your eyes and keep you looking good and seeing well during your excursion. Stop by any one of Sunglass and Optical Warehouse’s three San Diego locations to browse our collections of sunglasses.