People with active lifestyles gear up with the latest equipment so they can enjoy their sport or activity comfortably and safely. Golfers get new clubs or balls that let them drive further with more control. Cyclists get new wheels, better helmets, and flashier outerwear to make them faster and more noticeable on the roadways. Snow sports enthusiasts get the latest boards, boots, and winter wear to keep them toasty warm while they’re shredding the slopes.

Active people—ranging from moderately active adults and weekend warriors reliving their glory days or marking new ones, to student athletes and professionals—also know they need to protect their eyes, whether in the form of prescription glasses or sunglasses, and that good vision is the key to enjoying their sport or recreational activity. After all, it’s hard enough to hit that little dimpled ball or keep your cycle between the lines and out of traffic even when your eye sight is 20/20!

Whatever their sport or activity, all active people, regardless of age, need to consider eye protection, especially when participating in high-risk sports that use a ball, puck, bat, stick, racquet, or involve bodily contact. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, high-risk sports include baseball, basketball, hockey, football, lacrosse, tennis and other racquet sports, fencing, and water polo, just to name a few. And if you participate in an outdoor sport, sunglasses that offer UV protection and that fully cover your eyes are a must.

Sunglass & Optical Can Help

Not only will the optometrists at Sunglass and Optical Warehouse assess your vision in the context of whatever sport or activity you or your family member is engaged in, he or she can then recommend the proper eyeglasses, shades, or contacts.

The professionals at Sunglass & Optical will work with you to . . .


  • Select the appropriate right lenses, frames, and designs for your sport, industry, or activity.
  • Ensure that the eyewear you’re buying goes through rigorous testing to ensure ruggedness, durability, and suitability to your activity.
  • Properly fit the eyewear so that it’s comfortable and desirable to wear, because if you don’t wear it, then you’re not protected.
  • Ensure the glasses not only fit your face and your lifestyle, but they look good on you too (there’s no reason to sacrifice fashion for protection)!

Performance Eyewear for Every Occasion

Luckily, consumers these days have an abundance of performance eyewear to choose from that’s specifically designed for certain activities, lifestyles, and industries.

  • Are you a cyclist? Yup — there’s eyewear for that.
  • Do you fish? We got glasses for you, too.
  • Do you skateboard? Ditto.

With more than 60 brands and more than 7,000 frames available, Sunglass and Optical Warehouse is San Diego’s premier provider of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, including performance eyewear brands and safety glasses for work, tactical, and sports applications from Rudy Project, Smith, Wiley X, Spy, Electric, and many others.

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