Maui Jim Sunglasses: Polarized Lenses for Vibrant Colors and Clarity of Sight

When you think of sunglass brands, there’s a good chance Maui Jim appears somewhere near top of mind, up there with Ray Bans. It’s no wonder. Maui Jim is, after all, the largest independently owned sunglass brand in the world.

From humble beginnings on the beaches of Maui in 1980, Maui Jim now offers more than 200 styles of sunglasses in more than 100 countries, along with prescription and progressive lenses. That’s not too shabby for a brand first developed 40 years ago by fisherman Jim Richards (the original “Maui Jim”) to help fellow sailors, anglers, surfers, and other water-sports fans deal with glare and ultraviolet exposure on the beaches of Hawaii.

What Makes Maui Jim’s so Special?

Maui Jim sunglasses combine revolutionary, polarized lens technology that’s designed to fight intense glare, harmful UV rays, and powerful reflections off the water with the vibrant colors and distinctive flavors of island to life, making the brand a favorite