Have you ever wanted to know what sunglasses would best suit your active lifestyle?

Sunglass and Optical Warehouse knows that San Diegans are an active bunch. From spending days at the beach or the golf course, to boating and fishing, to hiking, mountain biking and more, your shades aren’t just part of your style, they’re an important piece of gear designed not only to make you look good but protect your eyes.

Sunglass and Optical Warehouse has put together recommendations for some of the top sunglasses brands we carry and the activity they most closely align with. Of course, if you need more guidance than this handy reference provides, be sure to stop in and browse our extensive collections, or give us a call.


Armani, Bolle, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Cazal, Chistian Dior, Costa, Dillion, Dolce Gababana, Dragon, FatHeadz, Filtrate, Gucci, Hobie, Hoven, Initium, Kaenon, Lacoste, Maui Jim, Nike, Oakley, Otis, Persol, Ray-Ban, Rudy Project, Spy, Suncloud, Vonzipper, Wiley X, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Costa, Hobie, Hoven, Kaenon, Nike, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Rudy Project, Spy, Suncloud, Vonzipper, Wiley X, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Costa, Dragon, Hobie, Hoven, Kaenon, Oakley, Rudy Project, Smith, Spy, Vonzipper, Vuarnet, Wiley X, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Dillion, Dragon, Gatorz, Hobie, Hoven, Kaenon, Maui Jim, Nike, Oakley, Revo, Rudy Project, Spy, Suncloud, Vuarnet, Wiley X, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Dragon, Nike, Oakley, Revo, Rudy Project, Smith, Spy, Vonzipper, Vuarnet, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Dillion, Dragon, Hoven, Initium, Kaenon, Lacoste, Rudy Project, Spy, Wiley X, Zeal


Bolle, Carrera, Kaenon, Nike, Oakley, Rudy Project, Smith, Spy, Wiley X

Choose Wisely

Regardless of the sunglasses you choose, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends you always buy sunglasses marked with a sticker or tag indicating 100 percent UV protection, or ask your eye care provider to ensure your glasses offer verified UV protection.

Also, with sunglasses, the greater their coverage area, the more protection for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them, which means less sun damage (and potentially less wrinkles!).

Lastly, the cost of sunglasses relates more to fashion and quality/durability than to the level of UV protection they afford. Many affordable sunglass options can provide verified 100% UV protection, though they may not look as good or last as long as more expensive options.

Let Us Help You Find Shades that Are Right for You

Stop by any one of Sunglass and Optical Warehouse’s three San Diego locations to browse our collections of sunglasses. With more than 60 brands and more than 7,000 frames to choose from, our inventory of men’s and women’s sunglasses is one of the largest in the world, offering a wide range of prescription and non-prescription choices.

We carry top brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Rudy Project, Bolle, Wiley-X, Carrera, Hobie, Hoven, Kaenon, and many others, including polarized lenses, designer brands, sports frames, safety lenses, and unique, hard-to-find brands such as Salt Optics, Oliver Peoples, Otis, IC Berlin, and Cazal.

  • Our skilled team of optometrists, opticians, and other eye care professionals can help you explore our collections to help you find a look and a style that’s right for you.
  • Opticians are on-site at all Sunglass & Optical locations, including our Sports Arena Boutique (Hancock Street).

Optometrists practice on-site at our Sports Arena Warehouse (Kurtz Street)  and Kearny Mesa (Convoy Street) locations. While walk-ins are often available, calling ahead to schedule an appointment with them is highly recommended.

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