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Visionär Eyewear: IC! Berlin

Bold. Unique. Revolutionary. That’s the best way to describe one of Sunglass and Optical Warehouse’s top-selling brands: IC! Berlin.

Built to last a lifetime, these frames—designed in Germany and handmade in Berlin—definitely stand out from the crowd. When Ralph Anderl started IC! Berlin back in 1996, he knew exactly he wanted, and that was to create something different. Thus, the screwless hinge was born.

Unique Design

With an exceptional and unique design, the screwless hinge works on an interlocking mechanism that allows the pieces to be snapped in or out easily, without the use of tools. The frames are composed of three simple parts: the front frame, the clip that secures the lens, and the temples.

Made out of flexible stainless steel, the original sheet metal frames are extremely lightweight but durable. They contain silicon or allergy-proof thermoplastic elastomer in areas that are constantly in contact with the skin.

Functional and weightless, these metal frames have revolutionized the world of eyewear, bucking the idea that “more” is in fact, more. Instead, IC! Berlin focuses on creating simple, timeless designs that raise quality standards for their customers, and therefore for the customers of Sunglass and Optical Warehouse, too.

Fun with Colors & Shapes

Going beyond the screwless hinge innovation, IC! Berlin also decided to have some fun with shapes and colors in their frame designs. They developed technology to work with other materials such as premium organic acetate, plotic, and rubber.

Using high-end 3D printing technology . . .

  • They create acetate front parts and temple tips that can be molded easily and be re-polished after years of use.
  • Their frames remain super lightweight, strong, and robust with plotic, which is a hypoallergenic plastic.
  • Their frames are extra flexible, scratch- and heat-resistant, and colorful when using rubber.

With IC! Berlin, even adding color to frames is an interesting process. On most of the metal frames they use a technique called “PVD,” in which a thin layer of crystals is deposited into the frame to create vibrant colors that don’t fade over time. Certain other styles are hand-painted with high quality lacquer to achieve a different range of colors and give the frames that “handmade” touch so many customers desire.

Anderl even added a bit of humor to the company’s packaging by putting his world-famous screwless eyewear into screw-shaped cases, signifying the only “screw” customers will get when purchasing IC! Berlin frames.

From all kinds of fun colors and innovative shapes and designs, you’ll find traces of Anderl’s imagination all over his work. And whether you’re looking for something simple and classic for everyday use, or something bold and stylish to match your personality, IC! Berlin has something for you.

Can We Fit You in Some Frames from IC! Berlin?

Here at Sunglass and Optical Warehouse, we are proud to be authorized dealers for such an innovative, fresh-forward, simple yet exciting, and full-of-character brand. Inspired by customers that believe in quality before quantity, in life before mindless consumption, and in the dedication of people that create products with a purpose, there’s no wonder why IC! Berlin frames are so popular.

Make sure you’re not missing out and swing by our main store on Sports Arena Blvd, off Kurtz Street, in San Diego, to check on them. We’re thinking you’ll probably love IC! Berlin frames as much as we do!

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